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Founded by a team of professionals with a long experience in the business field and in bilateral relations, favors economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries through internationalization services, networking, business consulting, press office and organization of “Made in Italy "of the highest level. boasts a network of Italian professionals from various sectors of "Made in Italy", from fashion to design, from business consulting to architecture, from food to art and culture, who bring experience and knowledge in order to ensure the highest quality in the conception and execution of the various projects.

Architects, designers, stylists, food experts and much more... our Network is constantly evolving!

The combination of these skills makes a unique platform, a virtual agora, a meeting point between supply and demand. is an opportunity generator!

If you are interested in joining the Network, if you want to open a window on new markets, if you want to be part of international projects in the main sectors of "Made in Italy" in the future, contact us now!

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