Emanuele Mongillo

Professionalism, passion and care for every details, Emanuele Mongillo is the Executive Chef Guest of Italian Piazza Festival.

As the Italian Piazza is now less than a month away, it is time to learn more about the guests who will actively participate in the event. Chef Emanuele Mongillo undoubtedly stands out among them.

Emanuele Mongillo is now Executive Chef of the famous Italian restaurant Balzi Rossi in Moscow, where he expresses his Mediterranean style and dedication to the care of ingredients with unique originality. His life has always been oriented towards the world of cooking: it was from the small village of Puglianello in the Italian region of Campania that his international culinary journey began. From the age of 15, he began collecting exceptional experiences that have made him the multifaceted chef he is today, working in some of the best starred restaurants in the world, such as ‘Sistina’ in NewYork and ‘Quay’ in Sydney.

For Emanuele, cooking is passion, attention to detail and fun, and the most surprising satisfaction is making customers happy. He will soon be in Baku to demonstrate his culinary devotion in a series of dedicated events. On 24June, he will hold a masterclass at the Culinary art centre of Azerbaijan. Here, the excellence and quality of Italian products will be highlighted through an exclusive cooking show by the renowned chef, and it will be accessible by invitation. On 25 June, he will be present at the Landmark for an exclusive dinner at the Caspian restaurant. The menu will be prepared jointly with the CASA’s professional Azerbaijani Chef, Farhad Shahverdiyev, consisting of dishes that mix tradition and innovation with typical products from both countries. Each dish will be accompanied by a selection of wines from the best Italian wineries. The hall and tables will be decorated by the indisputable Azerbaijani decorator Madina Guliyeva, who will evoke the authentic atmospheres of Italian and Azerbaijani landscapes.

With this presentation, we assure that chef Emanuele Morgillo will enrich the Italian Piazza with his experience and dedication, which will be able to meet the needs of the most exigent and different palates.

Written by
Francesco Torlontano