Mozzarella's Story... the story of Donato Parisi, a Neapolitan businessman who conquers Moscow

The life of each of us is the result of stories that begin, stories that end, stories that intertwine giving life to new stories. Our life is like a long journey that sometimes takes us where we would never have imagined!

The story we want to tell you begins in Moscow 6 years ago, when Donato Parisi, born in the shadow of Vesuvio, made the first artisanal mozzarella on Russian soil.

Donato is a visionary Neapolitan who boasts a very intense entrepreneurial career. In 2012 he moves to Moscow and after a few months he meets Tata, who soon will become her partner in life and work. Together they decide to import Italian products of the highest quality for a market, the Russian one, which is very difficult and demanding. They know, or at least they understand, that the flavors and taste of Italian food could conquer this country... and the facts will prove it right! They establish Altagamma Food, which in record time becomes a reference point for the entire Russian food sector.

But since life is also made up of unexpected events, the import of fresh products, including cheese, is suddenly blocked due to the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia.

And it is here that the true entrepreneurial talent, the one that allows Italians to turn a problem into an opportunity, takes shape. As a matter of fact, Donato and Tata decide not to give up and manage to create a real cheese factory with Made in Italy technologies, capable of producing all the dairy products typical of the Italian tradition on site, using an exclusive selection of cow's milk resulting from research and collaborations with the local farms.

Mozzarella Altagamma
Ricotta Altagamma

The result? Absolutely amazing! Since then, mozzarella, burrata, stracciatella, ricotta and many other high-quality cheeses, are served every day in more than 400 restaurants and hotels, and are sold in the main supermarkets in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation.

An incredible success that was also possible thanks to the dedication of the Altagamma Food Dairy Masters, who boats over 25 years’ experience and who represent the Italian excellence in the cheese production sector.

Donato and Tata, however, go beyond the production of cheeses and the import of Italian products and fully enter the universe of great events. They decide to meet the growing demand for catering services of the Russian market. And even in this sector the results were not long in coming.

Donato Parisi

Some of you might think that our story ends here... but no! In the last two years, Antonio and Viviana, two young people from Campania with a flair for business joined Altagamma Food. Together with Tata and Donato, they travel around the world providing strategic advice and support to Italian entrepreneurs (and not only) who want to open cheese factories and import Italian products into other countries. Last goal reached: Australia. Here, thanks to the Altagamma Food support, in January was built a cheese factory capable of producing excellent Italian cheeses which, in a few months, have been able to win the trust of the local market.

With the days divided between work and family, four children to raise, Donato and Tata always find new energies to create extraordinary projects... but this is really another story that we will tell you soon, as soon as the borders will open and they will allow us to visit him!

The recipe for their success? Simplicity, love, tradition and an incredible passion for the good things in life.

We are always honored to be Italian, but we are even more proud of it when we can tell you the story of those people, like Donato and Tata, who uphold the name of Italy around the world... and who, with sacrifices and passion, make the impossible become possible!!!

Written by
Paola Casagrande