Once Upon a Time... in Four Seasons

As in a fairy tale, the terrace of the Zafferano Restaurant, at the Four Seasons Hotel, will be turned into a real Italian courtyard.

Magic is usually the star of every fairy tale worths this name, only this time it is not just fantasy, it is everything true.
A dreamy location, the terrace of the Zafferano Restaurant in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, is the setting for a "painting" which will immediately catapult you to Italy.
All the set-up and decorations designed by the renowned decorator Madina Guliyeva will gift to all participants an all-Italian atmosphere.
Indeed, the terrace will be turned into a real Italian courtyard, reminding the typical place where families and friends gather on Sundays to enjoy the pleasure of eating, drinking, talking, and laughing all together. The long journey of our guests will begin at sunset, the moment when the warm lights of day give way to the dark, romantic coolness of summer nights.
In this framework, a special aperitif will be served by the guest bartender Marco Dongi who, together with the Chef Pizzaiolo Aleksandr Slutu, will get the ball rolling thanks to the combinationof a real Neapolitan pizza selection and an authentic Italian cocktail.
Obviously, the evening will continue seated around a long table set like in the best Italian tradition, where a menu of delicious "works of art" cooked by the Executive Chef Renato Rizzi will be dished out, paired with wines from the best Italian wineries.
A dinner under the starry sky of Baku, where professionals and magnificent location will draw a three-dimensional portay. This is definitely a unique opportunity, it would be foolish to miss a 360-degree sensory experience which celebrate the absolute sense of conviviality immersed in the atmosphere of Italian living.

Reservation Number: +994 0516143148
Written by
Federica Buono 14.06.2022