The beating heart of our ‘home-world’: the kitchen, strictly Made in Italy

Our home is our refuge, the place where we can protect ourselves from the cold, regenerate with a warm bath, relax listening to music on a comfortable sofa, sink into a restful sleep wrapped in soft sheets. In a future that is just around the corner, the home will also become the place where we will work, study and share time with our loved ones... and the kitchen will remain, as it has for millennia now, the beating heart of our 'home-world', the central square of a small town!

Visionary designers have always devoted a lot of attention to designing kitchens that would interpret the needs of a family of the future: kitchens where every space is conceived to be functional, where innovation and beauty come together to give maximum comfort to its inhabitants, kitchens where families can grow and express their creativity to full power.

Yet the philosophy of the modern multifunctional kitchen has very deep roots, rooted in the distant past when families would gather around a lit fireplace and spend hours watching the fire, chatting, waiting with seraphic patience for dinnertime. Actually, domestic life has always taken place around the hearth, which over the years has been transformed into a cooker, a hob with gas or electric cooker, until it became the 'kitchen area' of today, in which we all intimately love to be!

Not infrequently this room also becomes our study, the favourite plac ewhere we read a book or drink a good coffee in the company of our closest friends: not just the place where food is prepared, but rather the epicentre of conviviality and the social life of a family.

Italy, the country of 'beauty' that better than any other knows how to combine ancient traditions with technology, has always held the world record for 'quality, design and innovation' in the field of kitchen design and construction.

An example of such mastery is certainly Aran Cucine, a company that represents the best of Made in Italy excellence in the world. The success of this company stems from the genius of its founder Renzo Rastelli, abroad-minded entrepreneur who immediately looked to the international markets while choosing to continue producing in his homeland: Abruzzo.

Every Aran kitchen is designed to give beauty, harmony and wellness to the home that hosts it, to satisfy the needs of those who use it every day, to guarantee safety and quality to the families that live in it.

Aran places no limits on the dreams and desires of its customers; and it is from this principle, and from the brilliant collaboration with Studio Stefano Boeri Architetti, that the latest jewel of the Aran house was born: the OASI kitchen!

Upholstered in fossil oak, OASI presents itself as a single, multifunctional and technological block that supports all phases of food processing, from storage to washing, from cooking to consumption to recycling. And as if by magic, a wonderful lemon tree emerges from the kitchen centre, robust and evergreen, making this island not just a product, but a real place to live!

Written by
Paola Casagrande