The Italian art restoration: a worldwide excellence

The techniques, knowledge and skills of Italian restoration are appreciated and recognized as an excellence all over the world. Indeed, in 2020 the most important award in this field (the European Heritage Award) was awarded to an Italian project: the intervention on the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemagno in L'Aquila, destroyed during the earthquake of 2009.

The intervention, in fact, other than having brought the Basilica back to its former splendour, has allowed throughout its development to continue to use the church safely: a very difficult challenge brilliantly completed.

Thanks to the several restoration works of the highest level carried out by the most important Italian companies (Federestauro, Assorestauro, Restauroitalia), Italy has established itself as a leading nation in the field of artistic and historical restoration. To emphasize this authority, the first global protocol that certifies the level of sustainability in the recovery of historic buildings was registered by an Italian company (the Green Building Council Italy).

An excellence obtained also thanks to the numerous techniques and new technologies adopted by Italian companies: for instance, the 3D laser scan of the Pietro da Cortona’s vault at Palazzo Barberini (photo), or the cooperation with renowned lighting, photography and design companies. Those technologies and cooperation create art installation with the perfect conditions to enjoy the numerous masterpieces that the country offers.

Of course, the high level of the restoration sector goes hand in hand with the excellent quality of the professional education and training: the Central Institute for Restoration in Rome and the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence are considered at international level two of the most prestigious institutions in the field of restoration and its teaching. Similarly, there are numerous Fine Arts Academy”, including the one of Venice, of Brera (pictured) and of Naples, which- thanks to their excellent level- keep the quality of Italian art restoration high and renowned.

In conclusion, the Italian restoration is, with its famous experience and distinction, another one among the many excellences that this country owns and exports all over the world, conveying the philosophy and passion that have always characterized the interventions of Italian restoration companies.

The famous restoration of the Basilica Superiore in Assisi, after the collapse of the ceiling due to the earthquake of September 1997.
Written by
Federico Scarone