The true luxury of sailing

Launching the moorings, watching the coasts slowly moving away until they disappear, listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the hull of the yacht, losing one's gaze in the infinite expanse of crystalline water - sometimes emerald green and sometimes cobalt blue - that suddenly merges with the sky on the horizon, inhale the scent of salt, let yourself be caressed by the wind and, mile after mile, feel that indescribable feeling of freedom that only the sea can give you ... this is the true luxury of navigation!

Sailing is much more than just a pleasure, it is a philosophy, sometimes a necessity; surely it is one of those experiences that you have to try at least once in your life. And if there is a place in the world where navigation takes on a whole other meaning, that is the Mediterranean Sea.

Have you ever imagined how many wonders you can discover by circumnavigating Italy? over seven thousand kilometers of coasts, eight hundred islands scattered here and there, including Sicily and Sardinia, an infinite number of inlets and small coves accessible only by sea... an incomparable naturalistic heritage.

Mediterranean, as well as the innate desire for discovery, which made the Italians a people of navigators; just think of Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and Marco Polo - just to name the most illustrious - to understand how closely Italian history is influenced by navigation.

Not surprisingly, Italy holds one of the world records in shipbuilding; And if Italian creativity is added to technique, engineering and technological innovation, what I like to call real "floating works of art" is born; Riva, Benetti, Ferretti, Azimut, Codecasa, are just some of the luxury yacht manufacturers in Italy.

What really distinguishes these "wonders of the sea" are the interiors, often designed with prestigious Made in Italy luxury designers: as in the case of of the new Ferretti 500 fleet, a perfect synthesis of style and comfort, interpreted by the JUST LIKE HOME philosophy!

Ferretti 500

Speaking of comfort, how can we not mention the Benetti B.Now 50M, conceived for those owners who live time as an essential luxury; 6 cabins for 12 guests and 6 cabins for 10 crew members, large windows along all decks, large outdoor spaces including a 36-meter beach club with a splendid transparent swimming pool, collacato aft, and an upper deck entirely dedicated to 'owner.

And again, design, elegance and refinement are the winning elements of the new Riva 50M superyacht, built in collaboration with the Strategic Product Committee of the Ferretti Group and the Officina Italiana del Design. A minimalist décor has been conceived for outdoor and indoor environments, with elegant shades of gray alternating with mahogany and steel finishes combined with leather and marble. But one of the strengths of this yacht is certainly the owner's suite, equipped with a study, a private lounge with multimedia room and a spacious sleeping area.

Riva 50M

So dear readers, what is more luxury in the world than enjoying a glass of wine at sunset on board one of these yachts, anchored in a remote cove of a Mediterranean island?

Written by
Paola Casagrande