The world glamor of luxury sandals, strictly "Made in Italy"

Summer is near, indeed very close! After this long period at home, surely all of us will have a great desire to show off the maximum of our sensuality.

In the "hot" season it is certainly not difficult to choose outfits that highlight the beauty of a woman. There are many garments suitable for this purpose: from long and elegant dresses to short and jaunty dresses, from very low-cut tank tops to light and semi-transparent shirts, from tight jeans to wide and soft skirts-trousers. The secret lies only in making the right combinations of style and color and, fundamentally, in choosing “sparkling” accessories.

But the king of all accessories, especially in summer, is definitely the sandal: the real object of desire of all women.

In recent years, this apparently so “basic” shoe model has taken on a fundamental role in the fashion world, to the point of becoming an icon, a jewel, a status symbol! And it does not matter that the sandal has a "supersonic" heel or that it is completely "flat", the most important aspect is that our feet, obviously "super-well-groomed", are maximized.

Talking about luxury sandals, we cannot fail to present you one of the best Italian brands that is depopulating among the stars of the whole world: Alevì. Created by two talented women, Valentina Micchetti and Perla Alessandri, both with an already consolidated career in the fashion world, the Alevì brand established itself on the international scene in 2018, when the first collection captured the attention of buyers and important fashion chains. resale. Presented in luxury hotels or private apartments, this simple yet captivating line has contributed to its success right from the start.

Reserved for a certain clientele with the desire for a prestigious shoe, worn by top stars and on international "red carpets", from Bianca Balti to Joan Smalls, from Bar Refaeli to Stella Maxwell, from Kendall Jenner to many others - including many models of Victoria's Secret and more - Alevì is the symbol of the Italian shoe in all respects, made entirely by hand by artisans, in the headquarters of San Mauro Pascoli, in Forlì.

The Alevì collection of sandals is nothing short of amazing! Her models, identified with the names of women, are real masterpieces that perfectly combine style, elegance and quality. In particular, for your intriguing summer evenings, we want to suggest the unique Giada model, a sandal made of PVC, with metal anklets, rhinestones and pearls. If, on the other hand, you have to face an important business meeting, where you still want to show your determination and your charm, we recommend the Anna model, sandal made in patent nude available in many colors. And for many, but not all occasions, certainly not to be missed is the Valentina model in nude leather, made of plexi and strap with gold chains. Perfect both with a total jeans style and with an evening dress, this sandal with harmonious and essential lines is certainly the prototype of a “luxury sandal” that all strong, but at the same time feminine, women should wear.

Long live the summer!

Written by
Paola Casagrande